How to: Massage Your Face Like a Facialist

Massaging your face not only makes shaving easier, it promotes blood flow to your face. Have you ever had a very nice facial massage in your favorite facial clinic and come out of it looking more youthful? This is definitely the reason behind that. Promoting adequate blood flow on your face makes it look refreshed and younger looking.

Via Birchbox Man's YouTube channel, here is a video on how to massage your face barber-style or, as what I prefer to call it, facialist-style. You can substitute the Kiehl's product they used in this video with a more affordable one, like Phytology's Marula oil or a scented emu oil by Prongs.




MAJOR FOODIE: Ghenne's Coffee

As you have prolly known through my previous post, we've tried a local cafe along Marcos Hi-way last Sunday. It is located inside Yang Chow restaurant and is called Ghenne's Coffee.


Quick Post: Red Velvet Cake

Last Sunday, we visited a fairly new cafe located along Marcos Hi-way. And just what a popular person I know do every time she visits a cafe/restaurant for the first time, I ordered the one flavor I taste (when chocolate cakes are not available) as my reference of the best cafe/restaurant there is.

A very detailed review is coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned! :)



Interested in perfumery? Want to make your own fragrances as a business?
How can you make my fragrance last longer? What does oil-based perfume mean? 

These are just some of the questions that are answered in BC Fragrance's Fragrance101 classes. 

Bernadette Lim, BC Fragrance's Fragrance Specialist and brand co-founder, shares the basics of perfumery for beauty bloggers, writers, craft seekers and budding entrepreneurs. Fragrance101 is a basic course on fragrances as an art, science, cosmetic product and a business. The class covers a wide spread of information from scent classification, mixing, aging, filtering, costing and marketing scents and introduces simplified techniques on how to try, blend and sell scents.

Classes are offered twice a month starting March, every other Saturday from 9AM-12NN: 
August 10 & 24
September 7 & 21
October 19 & 26
Classes are limited to up to 15 participants only.
Special classes may be booked for Bridal Showers, Perfume Parties & other events.

You can choose from two participant options: Observer (PhP499) wherein you will just listen to and observe the whole class and how perfume-making works and Perfumer's Apprentice (PhP1199) wherein you will be more hands-on and will mix and concoct perfumes yourself.

For inquiries and group bookings, you may email them at thefragrancespecialist@gmail.com
or call them at any of the following numbers:
+63 2 374 6302
+ 63 2 374 6292
+63 922 8076939
+63 917 466 8889

Let me know if you're interested, I might take a class myself! :)



Photos courtesy of BC Fragrance


The Dapper Eye: 100% Pure Forest Hydrating Hand Wash

I've come across this product when the president of one of our brand partners gave me a bottle, and I have used it a number of times since I first tested it last April. What can I say, a business in online beauty retail has its perks! Hehe. An in depth review follows.


EVENTS: The First Ever Saladbox Makeup Sparty

Philippines' first beauty box, Saladbox is all about beauty innovations. They introduced a fresh concept in beauty e-commerce last year via their subscription service, and this year, they are introducing yet another innovation: a first in the beauty world: Makeup Sparties. A Makeup Sparty is basically a makeup workshop slash spa party, so everyone who will attend gets to "learn the basics and trends in makeup while being pampered". The first Saladbox Makeup Sparty will be held on August 31st, so there's plenty of time for you girls to prep for this event! Read on for more details on this one-of-a-kind event.


MAJOR FOODIE: Waffles Corner

Last Saturday, we went to SSS Village in Marikina to (finally) try the new waffle place there called Waffles Corner. It was a very cozy place with warm-colored interiors and wooden tables and chairs. I ordered a waffle with real strawberry and ripe mango fruit slices. Read more to see how it looked like:


Blogust 2013!

I know. The title of the post seem funny and weird to some of you. Haha!

Blogust (Blog-August) 2013 is basically my plan to blog every single day of the month! Enough of that August "Oh-ghost" drama! I personally believe that all those bad luck in August come from people who are afraid to take risks. Last time I checked, when someone works hard, God does the rest and makes things happen for that person. Now I sounded a bit preacher-like there, but whatever! Haha.

I actually got the term from Ingrid Nilsen (Missglamorazzi on YouTube) - I just changed it from VLOGUST to BLOGUST, as I don't "vlog". Hmmm. That gives me an idea. Hehe.

Hopefully, I'd manage to blog every single day this August - and almost everyday from September onwards! Fingers crossed! :)