An Afternoon of Business and Pampering at Nail Cocktales Morato

Last March, we hosted a bloggers sparty with Korean beauty brand Skin Food at Nail Cocktales Hand and Foot Spa in Tomas Morato QC.

That was my third time to be at Nail Cocktales, but my first time to try out their services. First, here are the beach-inspired interiors of the spa.

Of course, on regular days, there are no Skin Food paper bags and products decorating the whole spa - we specially designed the interiors that day to give the spa a Skin Food feel. That's actually what's great about Nail Cocktales, for spa parties like this, you can personalize the venue as much as you want - perfect for celebrations!

Here we got Beth and Angel of Skin Food doing a makeover to my very good friend Karen with beauty and lifestyle bloggers as their audience.

As for the pampering, I was able to enjoy a full nail overhaul, i.e. manicure, pedicure, foot spa. Specifically for this event, the products they used are all Skin Food products - the foot soak, scrub, and mask/lotion. It was a very good pampering - two attendants were assigned to me. One was busily scrubbing my feet and removing my calluses (yikes!) while the other was doing my manicure. I specifically love the massage - I am very particular about this step when I have my spa overhaul, should be just the right amount of pressure.

I wasn't able to take a photo of us that day. Thankfully Karen had the "mandatory group shot" taken by one of the attendants.

We were being pampered in the private room while the bloggers were in the main spa area listening to Skin Food makeup artists while waiting for their nail polishes to dry.

It was indeed a great afternoon of business mixed with pampering and bonding with friends - Nail Cocktales made it even better!

For inquiries and reservations, you can contact Miss Agnes Mora at 0916-5221023. Nail Cocktales Hand and Foot Spa is located at Tomas Morato corner Scout Fuentebella, Quezon City.



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