Skin Food Peach Sake Serum Review

Since I reviewed Skin Food's Peach Sake Toner a couple days ago, it is just fitting to post what I think of its little brother of a serum.

The packaging. Like its big brother, this serum is packaged in a frosted bottle (so you can see the contents, or lack thereof) with a cork/bamboo-inspired lid.

The product. The product is a sweet smelling opaque white creamy fluid. The serum is very lightweight - no greasy feel, which I absolutely loathe - and finishes with a matte finish. I learned later on via the Skin Food Philippines team that this serum is infused with micro powders for a matte finish - truly one of a kind!

Effects. It provides a matte finish and effectively controls oil production. This product is perfect for guys who have oily skin who do not like using powder on their faces. I'm one of them - face powder makes my skin break out.

Will I buy this (again)? For its affordable price of PhP 800+ and the fact that one bottle can last you up to three months, I'd buy it, like its toning brother, in a heartbeat.



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