Dapper Review: Skin Food Peach Sake Toner

Being in the business that samples beauty products and hosts events in partnership with the best brands in town, I get to try out A LOT of grooming products - one of its very many perks. :)

So, let's review this nice guy:

The packaging. This toner is packaged in a frosted bottle (so you can see the contents) with a cork/bamboo-inspired lid.

The product. The product is a sweet smelling clear fluid. Upon application with a cotton round (trust me, cotton rounds apply products A LOT better that cotton balls), the toner readily seeps in to your skin.

Effects. As any other toner does, this nice guy effectively cleanses your skin. Fyi, toning is the second step in skin cleansing. I also noticed that my skin became a little less oily after a few days of use - great job!

Will I buy this (again)? In a heartbeat.



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