EN PIERRE: Handmade Accessories for Men

I recently launched an accessories brand called En Pierre. I've always liked wrist accessories, may it be watches or bracelets (proof on this previous post). I also had an accessories brand, though it targeted the female market, a few years back, so I guess designing accessories is kind of second nature to me already.

EN PIERRE /pronounced as UN-PIER/ is French for “of stone”. Thus, all our creations are made of precious stones (with the occasional wood, metal, and crystal).

According to ancient beliefs, precious stones, aside from looking good as accessories, are designed to balance the body’s energies. They send out vibrations (to which we humans are naturally receptive to) as they transmit positive energy, reflect light, and receive negative energy. When these stones are placed directly on your body, they have a powerful vibratory effect that surges physical, emotional, and mental benefits to you.

The brand aims to offer a vast selection of affordable fashionable accessories for men using genuine stones and crystals from all across the globe, while letting the customer save up (as existing mall prices are three to five times higher). Our product price ranges from PhP500 to PhP1,500, with majority in the PhP500-800 range.

We use genuine stones and crystals imported from these countries:

Here are some of my favorite creations:

En Pierre products are available online via its Facebook and Instagram (@en.pierre) accounts (just send them a private message) with worldwide shipping and will soon be available at selected concept stores in the Metro.

Instagram: @en.pierre
Email: enpierreman@gmail.com

What's your favorite design?



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