OHMUGOODNESS: Goodness in a Mug!

As said on a previous post, business has been making me busy (I guess that's why they call it bus(y)ness) the past year. Not that I'm complaining, I prefer being busy so much. And one of our recent activities is the corporate fair we organized in partnership with one of the largest BPO companies in the country. One of the exhibitors was this very nice food brand called OHMUGOODNESS.

OHMUGOODNESS is owned by Miss Nina Camacho (she's very very nice) and is her brainchild. I chatted with her during the event and she told me she invented her product: microwave oven-baked cakes in less than a minute!

I was able to try the Red Velvet Vixen, Ghirardelli Cookie N' Cream (premium flavor), Gooey Choco Lava, Salted Caramel (limited edition), White Chocolate Kiss, and Better than Sex. I loved the Ghirardelli Cookie N' Cream and Ohh Chunky Brownie, but I am IN LOVE with Gooey Choco Lava - it has become my comfort food for a time, I ordered 20 packs! Thinking of ordering again this week.

I personally call them servings of heaven in a mug.

Their current flavors:
Summer Zesty Lemon
Almond Choco Fluff
Red Velvet Vixen
Salted Caramel **
Gooey Choco Lava
White Chocolate Kiss **
Coffee Macchiato **
Matcha Green Tea
Better Than Sex
Blueberry Muffin'
Cotton Candy
Orange Popsicle **
Choco Chip Cookie Dough
Ohh Chunky Brownie
Lemmo Lime **
Peanut Butter Buster (new!)
Choc O'range Truffle (new!)
Caramel Sea Salt (new!)
White Chocolate-Key Lime (new!)
Carrot Cinnamon (new!)
Ghirardelli Cookie N' Cream (premium)(new!)
Gluten Free-Choco Lava (special)(new!)

**Limited edition

You can order these via their Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/OHMUGOODNESS) or you can try them on-site via their Bake Bar (really creative!) wherein you can make your own cake on-the-spot at Legazpi Sunday Market (7am to 2pm) in Makati and at Greenfield Weekend Market (Saturdays, 3pm to 10pm) in Ortigas every weekend.

Cheers (with a mug of heavenly cake),


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