PSID Studio 24

I'm a frustrated interior designer.

It's not common knowledge but I was supposedly an interior design student (either in UP or UST) in college, but my parents advised me to pursue another career as interior design was not that in demand in the country, at least at that time. And it made sense to me, so I pursued another course instead.

Then, fast forward to 2015, the Philippine real estate industry boomed. Now, there are A LOT of clients for interior design (READ: condominium unit owners). With the proliferation of condominium developments in the country, I think it's safe to say that had I pursued Interior Design, I probably have a lot of clients by now. So yeah, go figure my frustration. 

Anyway, last week, I visited (and supported) a good friend at the Ronac Lifestyle Center in Paseo de Magallanes. He's a student at Philippine School of Interior Design - an exhibit entitled Studio 24 is currently there showcasing PSID students' flair for design.

They showed 24 studio units, each with a floor area of 24sqm or less, for 24 different clients. Hence the exhibit name.

Here are my top favorites:


Reminds me so much of Santorini, one of the places in my bucket list. With the color palette and lines, this unit has won my heart.

Vintage 50s and 60s

Among the 24 units, this is the one that closely captured how I think my future condominium unit will look like. Yes, I prefer condo living than an actual house and lot, primarily due to the security and the amenities. And the views.

I just love the colors (lots of black and browns with orange, blue, and green as pops of colors), the finishings (wood, granite, glass), and the feel (vintage, very macho). This spells bachelor pad to me.


I'm a sucker for clean lines, blue hues, and whites, so this unit definitely belongs to my top favorites. I also admire how they utilized almost every single furniture as storage. Chairs that double as bookshelves? Just clever.

There are a lot more awesome designs up for viewing (and goggling at) at Ronac Lifestyle Center in Paseo de Magallanes. The exhibit is open to everyone and will be there until October 31st.



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