Relaxing at Home

On the latter half of last year, I finally had the balls to decide to live on my own. I turned 28 last month, and, being in my late twenties, I think it's best for me to have my own place. I've been living away from home for almost five months now, renting an apartment in Makati, and I am enjoying the freedom and how liberating the experience is.

Of course, I was home in Antipolo for the holidays. Until now, in fact. How I missed my childhood home and my childhood bed!

Well, I will be back to a new apartment, still in Makati, later this month. And for the time being, I'm enjoying my stay here at home. Read: free food and WIFI haha! Free cable TV too. I'm definitely watching a lot of my favorites, one of which is National Geographic documentaries like this one in the picture.

How was your 2016 so far?



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