#BenefitLovesBretman: Bretman Rock's Meet and Greet at Benefit SM Megamall

Early this month, online celebrity Bretman Rock (famous for his funny videos and makeup tutorials in YouTube, Vine, and Instagram) went home here in the country to do some guesting at ABSCBN. I've always literally LOL-ed at his Instagram posts since last year and when a friend sent me a screenshot of Bretman's tweet about his Meet and Greet at Benefit SM Megamall, I knew I had to go.

The Meet and Greet happened yesterday. Being able to score a VIP Pass for the event (I covered the event for my business' online magazine - to be published on the 28th), my call time was 12noon.

Some yummy treats from The Flour Girl.

Bretman arrived, to much shouting of fans, around 1pm and had a mini-press conference where he answered some of our questions.

Most of the questions were about makeup, probably since the meet-and-greet was held in a cosmetics store, but I asked a very out-of-topic question:

When will HOEra be back?

I swear Bretman laughed a bit when he heard my question! HOEra, for those of you who don't know, is one of Bretman's alter egos. He was in New York for Halloween, I think, when he dressed himself as Dora the Explorer and called himself HOEra. HOEra's are among the funniest posts he ever posted, that's why I really had to ask! Haha!

The answer?

HOEra's wig got nappy, so he ordered a new one which is on its way and is better than the first wig, so HOEra will be back soon! And with better hair. Haha!

(I'll get into detail about his makeup tips on the magazine post which I'll link here when it's published)

I also got to interview his mom, the BretMom, about him. She said they'll leave for Hawaii on the 17th and Bretman will be back again by May. She also told me how much Bretman earns through endorsements in a month, and it's huuuuuuge. Crazy huge! Clue: most people won't earn it in a year as an employee.

Selfie time!

Bretman and his biggest fan. Literally!

After the press Q&A and photo op, the 20 winners of the Instagram contest got their chance to chat and take selfies with him.

After the Instagram winners, the Benefit store was opened for the crowd. Here are pictures of the crowd waiting for Bretman. I swear I saw at least three people crying!

It was a crazy fun day with friends from Benefit (Hello Kriska and Donna!), some press people from magazines and ABSCBN, and some bloggers (Janina Vela, Mikki Galang, and Alexa Ilacad). 

Thanks again to Kriska and Donna for the VIP Pass! :))



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